A Complete Guide to Marble Mountains (Pt.2)

In our previous blog “A Complete Guide To Marble Mountain (Pt.1)”, we have taken you on a journey to visit the Marble Mountains. Do you remember our trip to Xa Loi Tower, Linh Ung Pagoda, Sea Watching Tower and Tang Chon Cave?

In this last part, we will take you to visit the next best spots of the Marble Mountains, including Van Khong Cave, Thuong Thai Peak, and Huyen Thong Cave!  

1. Van Thong Cave

Van Thong Cave can be easily reached by foot from Vọng Hải Đài (Sea Watching Tower). This cave is located on a high cliff. From the mouth of the cave to the sky, it is approximately 40 meter high.

The entrance to Van Thong Cave. 

A quick look into Van Thong Cave. 

For most unique feature about Van Thong Cave, there is a rugged path at the end of the cave. Only one person can climb out of this path to reach the Heaven Gate. It is a very challenging yet rewarding climb. You will be able to see the impressive and beautiful view of Non Nuoc sea and the mountainous area on top of the Heaven Gate. 

A rugged path to reach the Heaven Gate.

The beautiful view when you reached the heaven gate.

From the heaven gate, you can take the stairs down to the relaxation area. The stairs are surrounded by the forest, which creates a mesmerizing and relaxing road to walk down. 

A lovely path from the Heaven Gate to the Relaxation Area

At the relaxation area, you can recharge with refreshing beverages, fresh coconut and snacks at reasonable prices (0.5 – 2 USD). Then you can decide your next spots, whether you want to go for Linh Nham Cave, Thượng Thái Peak, Huyền Không Cave.

2. Đỉnh Thượng Thái (The Highest Peak)

If you decide to go for Thuong Thai Peak, we recommend you to take a good break before the climb because the path to reach the highest peak is quite steep with many steps. We estimate that it would take 250 – 300 steps to reach the destination. 

From the relaxation area, you will find a path to reach the highest peak.

Although the path is quite steep and the stairs feel endless, we are excited to hike because of the amazing view on top of the peak. The views are absolutely fantastic, even more than the Heaven Gate and Sea Watching Tower because we are at the highest spot.

The view on top of Thuong Thai Peak - don’t forget to take pictures to mark your impressive achievements.

3. Linh Nham & Huyen Khong Cave

Unlike other caves, Ngu Hanh Son caves are unique in its formation since the caves are located on mountains. There are no limestone karsts hanging from the cave ceiling. The caves are often spacious, flat and bright. These features are very well reflected in Linh Nham and Huyen Khong Cave. 

Linh Nham Cave worshipped three gods: Ngoc Hoang, Nam Cao and Bac Dau. There is a folk tale that every December 23rd of the lunar calendar, these gods visit  the humans are facing and help them with their magical capabilities.

A quick look into Linh Nha Cave 

Huyen Khong Cave is one of the largest caves in the Marble Mountains, an ancient sanctuary guarded by Buddha gods. There is a Buddha God – Phật Thích Ca of 3 meter high placed in the center of the cave. There are smaller temples placed on the left and right that worship Ngoc Phi to bring in the wealth and Loi Phi to bring in the health for people. Many years ago, during the war, the Vietnamese army base used this cave as a secret hidden place to plan strategies, train soldiers, and treat injured soldiers.

Huyen Thong Cave is the most beautifully mysterious cave in the mountain. 

4. Tam Thai Pagoda

From Huyen Khong Cave, it is very easy to reach Tam Thai Pagoda. Tam Thai pagoda has a long history, being self-proclaimed and a long-standing Buddhist relic of 12 monk leader generations. Inside the pagoda, the monks will conduct the Buddha’s ceremony. This would be an interesting experience for Buddhist visitors.

Tam Thai Pagoda – a long history of holding Buddism value 

Now that we are coming to an end of our trip to visit the Marble Mountains, thank you for reading our blog. If you did visit the Marble Mountains, what are your thoughts and what are your favorite spots? If you haven’t, we hope our blogs have inspired you to visit the Marble Mountains and Da Nang.

Love from Da Nang!

Eco Green Travel Team