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Hello Breakfast!

Our hearty breakfast will shine your day!

We serve a variety of homemade breakfast/brunch dishes, from classic egg & toast dishes, to English muffin collection such as Egg Benedict to sweety breakfast such as classic buttermilk pancake and premium buttery waffle

Sandwich & Panini

There is nothing like our homemade sandwich!  

We go beyond traditional triangle sandwich. We create and homemade our own healthy bread: honey oatmeal, Italian oregano & dark rye. We focus on the quality – we fill with fresh ingredients and make our sauces & dressings in house.

Fresh Salad Bar

Our most delicious, refreshing, and nutritious salad 

Stay green and stay healthy – with that mission in mind, we have been working to create the most satisfying, healthy and nutritious salad to our customers. 🌿🍴🥗

Main Dishes

Enjoy the classic main dishes with a signature flavor of Eco Green! 

We serve a variety of main dishes such as pasta, mussel marinara and grilled octopus set. These are the most classic delicious dishes with a signature flavour only at Eco Green.

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Digitalize your order with us! 

The online store is a convenient channel if you plan to order many more times in the future with the same account.

For fast, simple & real-time service, Facebook Messenger/ WhatsApp/ Zalo channel is highly recommended. 

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