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Wine Arrival - Summer Promotion

Let's have a glass at our beautiful restaurant!

Wine Arrival

10% OFF when purchasing a bottle

Fresh Fruit Little Corner

Enjoy a taste of freshness from our fresh fruit drinks

Stay green and stay healthy! We serve a variety of drinks made 100% from fresh fruits – from our creamy smoothie, refreshing mocktails to fresh fruit juice. A glass of fresh fruit drink will detox your body and bring out positive energy!

Taste Our Local Coffee

Enjoy the fresh flavor of Vietnamese and Italian coffee! 

Stay classic with our traditional Arabica coffee and expand your coffee palette with our Premium Ethiopian coffee beans.

Moreover, what is better than icecream and coffee? We have the best homemade icecream affogato & icecream latte to blow away the heat.

Homemade Icecream

We homemade our delicious milky ice cream! 

Our icecream will blow away a hot summer day: from the classic flavour – vani, chocolate to fresh fruit infused flavour – coconut, mango, banana cookie, passion fruit, to our latest new arrivals – oreo cookie, capuccino & caramel !

Homemade Dessert

Enjoy our delicious, low-sugar, healthy cookies & cakes

Our cookies are homemade with love – the top flavors  are chocolate chip, oatmeal, chocolate fudge and chocolate coconut.

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Digitalize your order with us! 

The online store is a convenient channel if you plan to order many more times in the future with the same account.

For fast, simple & real-time service, Facebook Messenger/ WhatsApp/ Zalo channel is highly recommended. 

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