How eco-friendly are we?

The road to become sustainable is challenging; yet, the journey is fulfilling as we learn new things every day and we yearn to make positive changes🌟.

🪴 Green Certificate

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On March 1st 2018, we are honored to receive EDGE certification, awarded by World Bank Group, IFC & SGS Vietnam for our eco-friendly initiatives. Our achievements include:

🌟 Certified as Level 2 Edge Advanced

🌟 Recognized as Zero Carbon Ready

🌟 60% Energy Saving

🌟 26% Water Saving

🌟 34% Less Embodied Energy in Materials

🌟 Estimated total CO2 Savings (annually): 203t

🍃 Sustainable design

Read more in our EDGE profile

The building is designed in a sustainable manner with resource-efficient design features which help maximize natural sunlight and air flow and reduce the need for energy. Moreover, our system is run on solar energy and water-saving engines.

⚡ Energy: Reduced window to wall ratio, external shading devices, energy-efficient variable refrigerant volume cooling system, heat pump for hot water, energy-saving lighting and solar photovoltaics.

💦 Water: low-flow shower heads, low-flow faucets in guest rooms, dual flush water closets in all bathrooms and water-efficient kitchen faucets.

🔨 Material: cored bricks with internal and external plaster for internal and external walls and parquet wood flooring.

Our sustainable approach

🍲 A-la-carte breakfast

By moving from buffet to a-la-carte model, we are able to minimize food waste, increase meal quality and adhere to our sustainability approach 🍃

🍃 Eco friendly housekeeping

Our team received trainings in (1) minimizing the amount of energy/water/cleaning liquid used, (2) supporting recycling of non-biodegradable waste.

💧 Eco friendly swimming pool

Powered by solar panels, our indoor pool providing a sustainable swimming experience.

Our effort in reducing waste

🥗 Sustainable offerings

We prioritize sourcing our ingredients locally and offering sustainable products made from vegetables. We aim to have a majority of our food and drink homemade to minimize food waste & assure quality. Moreover, we focus on incorporating reusable dishes, silverware and glasses and reducing single use items to further reduce waste.

🍃 Glassia Water Bottles

We partner with Glassia, which produces 100% recyclable & zero-waste refillable glass bottles as our complimentary in-room water. Our team is trained to manage and return bottles for refilling and we are excited to be involved in a fully circular, zero-plastic waste solution!

🍃 Eco friendly single use

We are currently using a diversity of eco-friendly takeaway, which are all sourced locally from local suppliers. We are constantly looking for new biodegradable solutions for our hotel and our restaurant and we are committed to keep improving in this aspect.